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Khan Murjan Souk
Khan Murjan Souk located at the Wafi Mall plays homage to the original souk that was once bustling with life in fourteenth century Baghdad, The restaurant is decorated with authentic artisanal craftsmanship brought in directly from Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Morocco.



Our team went there for lunch and we started out with fresh tabbouleh salad, flavourful fattoush salad, creamy hummus, zesty baba-ghanoush, tangy Wara’ Enab (stuffed vine leaves) and sizzling Muhammara (hot pepper dip).
We thoroughly enjoyed the starters and also liked the indoor- outdoor feel to the restaurant which had a water-wheel and musicians filling the restaurant with relaxing Arabic tunes.


Freshly baked breads were accompanied with tender grilled meat on charcoal beds, along with a crunchy kebbeh, and crispy cheese sticks that were delicious.


The verdict: Beautifully picturesque authenticity to detail when designing the restaurant and flavourful food. We would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone who would like to experience and taste Arabic food at its finest and best.


We had heard so much about the UK based franchise, Wagamama that we just had to try it, and so our journey began when we arrived at the JBR branch in Al Fattan Towers. We were greeted by the polite staff who seated us promptly, the ambiance was lively, yet the interiors was casual and down to earth.


We were quite hungry so we decided to order at once, and asked the waitress for suggestions who were quite helpful based on our group’s dietary requirements. So with the staff’s suggestions in mind we ordered the Saien Soba and the Chillimen Chicken.

The Saien Soba is a hearty bowl of vegetable soup and whole wheat noodles with an abundance of vibrant seasonal vegetables like asparagus, bean sprouts, red onions, courgettes, mushroom and mangetout with fried tofu garnished with lovely crispy spring onions. It was extremely satisfying dish and all the flavours were very well balanced, in addition it came with a big wooden soup spoon which made it whole lot more fun to eat.


The Chillimen Chicken looked delightful! Stir-fried chicken with courgettes, red onions, peppers, mushrooms and mangetout atop soba noodles in a rich spicy sweet chillimen sauce, the dish was practically bursting with flavour!
The generous portion sizes left us feeling completely satisfied, and even though we were full, we were tempted to try the mouth-watering dessert selections.


We ordered the Chocolate Mousse Cake and the Crème Brulee, the mousse cake had a soft banana center and a crisp chocolate base, and was drizzled with an intense toffee sauce. It felt and tasted heavenly. The crème brulee had a crispy caramelised top and was served with vanilla ice cream which was infused with ginger and lemongrass that brought it a beautiful zing.


The verdict: Amazing food, generous portion sizes, great value for money, outstanding service. The perfect recipe for a great evening with friends and
loved ones.

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