Dine With Sally

Sally Saeed is a food and travel fanatic who has been travelling and exploring food at its best for the past five years. After all her travels Sally ended up in Dubai and since has been experiencing all the gastronomic flavours and cuisines that the UAE has to offer. Through her blog and Instagram account, she shares her stories, tips and photos from her adventures around the world. You can easily find snaps overlooking a gorgeous beach or Sally eating at Michelin star restaurants. We had the opportunity to speak to Sally before she jetted off on her next adventure.
How did you end up starting a food blog?
When I moved from Jordan to Dubai I used to live in DIFC, which was and still is a major hub for the best restaurants and that’s where I started indulging one plate at a time. I started taking visitors from my hometown of Amman out for meals and I started documenting it on my personal account until one day a friend shared a post stating that she was #diningwithsally. That day #dinewithsally was born and I have never looked back since.
How did you promote yourself initially? Was it through Instagram?
I started my food journey on my personal account on Instagram and then I created @dinewithsally as an official page on Instagram.
What is the weirdest thing you have tasted?
I once tried a French vegan cheese platter that was made entirely of nuts and lots of herbs. Obviously, there was no real cheese in it and it was unusual to say the least!

Are there any flavours that you were surprised made sense?
Charcoal and Matcha!
What software, filters, and equipment do you use to get your pictures perfect?
I use my LG5 phone as it’s perfect for capturing images of food without any filters. In addition to my phone, I also use my Nikon Professional Camera. The one thing I do not use is my phone’s flash and I always ensure to carry my manual flash for night photos.
What do you look for when you go to a new restaurant?
I always look for signature dishes or items done differently on the menu.
Website: www.dinewithsally.com
Instagram: @dinewithsally

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