DC vs. Marvel

With all the superhero movies out right now, the main question on everyone’s mind is: “DC or Marvel?”

Here is a quick guide to simplify things and clear a few doubts. 

Team DC:

The Green Lantern

Hal Jordan, a test pilot, gets chosen as the first ever human to be a part of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic brotherhood of warriors who protect the universe. Each member of the Lantern Corps possesses a ring that gives them super powers and the ability to control the physical world using their willpower and strength.

The Green Lantern and the Green Arrow shared a comic series and have teamed up several times.
According to the comic series, Hal Jordan went crazy and ended up killing almost all the members in the Green Lantern Corps.
Ryan Renolds who played Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern was Wade Wilson aka ‘Deadpool’, a Marvel comic’s character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well.


Bruce Wayne swore to fight crime after witnessing the murder of his parents. After training physically and mentally for several years, Batman was born. Unlike his colleagues, Batman does not possess any superpowers, however, his martial arts training and immense wealth coupled with science and technology help a lot.

Batman can read lips.
Robin’s motorcycle is called the ‘RedBird’.
‘The Dark Knight’ was the first Batman film that did not use the word ‘Batman’ in the title.


Four different people have assumed the identity of Flash all throughout the superheroes existence; Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, Wally West and Barry Allen, the last one being a pretty good friend of a certain Mr. Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern). Flash possesses super speed and according to issue #463 from the Adventures of Superman comic, he can run faster than the man of steel.

Neil Patrick Harris from ‘How I met Your Mother’ and Ryan Renolds from the ‘Green Lantern’ are two actors that have been rumored to play The Flash in the upcoming movie.
The Flash’s nickname is the ’Scarlet Speedster’.

Team Marvel:

Captain America

Steve Rogers was a skinny, sickly young soldier, deemed unfit for military service. He then volunteered for secret military project that turned him into a human weapon. His costume bears a re-designed American flag and carries an indestructible shield that can be used as a weapon.

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, was Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in Marvel’s Fantastic Four Series.
Tommy Lee Jones who plays a part in the Captain America movie also played Harvey Dent aka Two-Face in Batman Forever (1995).
Captain Britain, his English counterpart, is another character within the Marvel family.


Thor, son of Odin, is a warrior from the realm of Asgard. He was banished to Earth for his arrogance and in turn, falls in love with Jane Foster, a scientist. Drawing immense power from his mythical weapon, the hammer Mjolnir, he guards the earth from evil. According to the comics, Thor is also one of the founding members of the Avengers Initiative.

During the movie, when Erik tells the others that the only other scientist who studied gamma rays and crossed S.H.I.E.L.D’s path was never heard from again, that could be Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, as he is rumored to be a part of The Avengers movie.
According to the comics, Thor and the Greek God Hercules are really good friends.
Thor is one of the most important members of the Avenger Initiative.
Clint Barton, the archer who keeps his aim locked on Thor while he tries to lift the Mjolnir during the movie, is ‘Hawkeye’, another Marvel character set to feature in The Avengers movie.

Iron Man

One of the most reckless and arrogant of the lot, Tony Stark is Iron Man, an industrialist, billionaire and engineering wizard. After Stark gets kidnapped, he was forced to create the world’s ultimate weapon capable of mass destruction. Instead, he created a suit to help him escape his captors. Like Batman, he does not possess any superhuman powers and relies on his wealth and technology to help him fight crime.

Nicholas Cage was interested in the Iron Man role, you might remember him from Ghost Rider (2007) another Marvel character.
In the first Iron Man movie, when Pepper, his assistant, finds Stark removing his damaged armor, Captain America’s shield is clearly visible on a table behind him.

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