Dance Throughout The Generations

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance is a form of expression, an extension of our creativity. An innate quality that we all possess and is a way for us to express ourselves consciously or unconsciously. The true zest of dancing lies in the passion behind it. Feeling alive is truly the true spirit of dance! There have been various dance forms introduced to us throughout the generations, some incredibly good and some not yet justified enough. In today’s generation, our lack of knowledge about this form of expertise continuously leads us to believe that ‘the dab’ is the coolest step ever. Or better yet, twerking is known to be perceived as a passive art form, which forces our parents to tut and violently complain about, “kids these days!

Forgotten are the days that were dedicated to classical and ethnic dancing. The jive, jazz, waltz, ballet, rock and roll, fast paced disco, and the ever so sensuous salsa. Also, how can we forget the classic ballroom dance that invigorates romance like a second religion? Yesteryear techniques have shaped the way we dance even today. The difference being, we are unaware of the pirouettes, spins that we incorporate at the club that is usually blaring with the familiar sounds of electronic dance music (commonly known as EDM).

Therefore, this article endeavours to rekindle your memories of the eras and provide some know how on specific dance forms that were invented for distinct circumstances.


Old School – The Moves to ‘Break it Down

Old school jazz dance (also known as UK jazz dance) refers to the improvised dancing style that originated in the UK in the 1970s. Whereas, we now have something called street dance which is essentially a concoction of vernacular dance moves with an urban context. Branching out into lyrical hip hop, b-boying, tutting and krumping.


Traditional Latin Dance – How to ‘Werk It!

Salsa was originated in the 1970s from Cuban dance forms such as Son, Son Montuno, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Puerto Rican Bomba and Plena which were popular in the Caribbean, Latin America and New York’s Latino communities since the 1940s. New age dance forms such as Zumba has emerged from these traditional dance forms. People have started enrolling themselves in Zumba sessions to cater to their needs for daily exercise. It is known to rejuvenate you and give you motivation to achieve new avenues in your life.


Ballroom or Tango to Tango Nuevo – A Special Secret to Connect with Anyone

Tango and Waltz are forms of Ballroom dancing that were initiated previously as types of partner-work choreography. They have grown in terms of popularity due to films like La La Land, television shows and theatrical plays. However, Tango Nuevo is Tango style performed mostly by the youth today. It includes electronic and alternately old Tango music and also consists of few Jazz moves to keep its essence and old world charm intact.

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