Creamfields’ 12

Creamfields Abu Dhabi 2012 was an event many looked forward to, however when it was announced the festival would be a one-night event instead of last year’s two-day fiesta, many were skeptical. To add salt to the injury it was somewhat uninspiring to see David Guetta headlining the lineup, considering the superstar DJ paid us a visit just nine months before this. Armin Van Buuren was another headliner though, which was more than enough for us to put our dancing shoes on and head out to the capital’s beautiful island of entertainment- Yas Island.


Me and my friends were not surprised to see tons of people queing outside the ginormous du Arena; it was David Guetta, after all, people are absolutely madly in love with his music! A few minutes later and we were in.


The crowd was worked up to the max, dancing, jumping, climbing on top of their friends- all that to the great stuff maDJam was playing. Speaking of maDJam, it is indeed strange to see him open for David Guetta and people still wondering who he was; I mean the guy has been playing around the UAE clubs and dance events for at least seven years.


Back to the all-beloved DG, the french POP DJ started at about midnight with the all familiar tunes like ‘Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night’ and ‘Where Them Girls At’. Everybody was having the time of their life. I, however, was waiting for Armin, as there has been way too much of David Guetta I can handle.


Let me remind you that Armin may not have won a Grammy, however the guy has been on top of all the House, Trance and Dance charts for years in adition to be named the #1 DJ in the world by DJ Magazine 2007-2010 and 2012 as well as receiving a Best Trance Artist award from Beatport Music Awards in 2007-2010. Formalities and achievements aside, the guy rocked the house. The stage was gorgeous, the LED technology was at the exact sync with the beat-overall dance heaven. We danced all the way to the last beat.


Overall, Creamfields 2012 was a great event, however, even though bringing David Guetta guarantees a packed arena, it would be nice to see Creamfields 2011 level of an event with a more diverse lineup and larger production.

photos by Anton Rodionov


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