Cool Facts About Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country in northwestern South America. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Colombia and Peru. It is officially any adventure lovers’ haven with the towering Andean peaks and volcanoes, vast swaths of Amazonian rain forest, chilled-out surf villages, and of course, the iconic and unforgettable Galapagos Islands. Here are some of the coolest things about Ecuador and why you should travel to this gorgeous country.

Ecuador is the world’s largest exporter of bananas.

It’s home to the smallest orchid in the world.

Ecuador is the world’s largest exporters of quinoa.

It was the first country in 2008 to officially recognise the rights of nature.

It’s a diverse country with over a dozen distinct ethnic groups and some 20 unique languages.

The country was named after a geographical feature since it is close to the equator.

Ecuador has the largest diversity of humming bird’s species, nearly 131.

Mount Chimborazo is the point on Earth closest to the Sun.

Lunch is the most important meal of the day.

Ecuador has the world’s first and second UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Galapagos Islands and Quito.

The Humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic South pole to tropical waters off the coast of Ecuador.

There are over 1,600 different species of birds in Ecuador.

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