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one8one magazine is a youth based magazine through which young adults share their ideas, thoughts and other talented people’s work. We strive to learn, educate, inform, and entertain our audience in our own unique fun and quirky way. The magazine consists of 64 pages, it is a monthly publication, contemporary in style and appeal. In addition, it is written and created by young adults and teenagers


We are THE ONLY magazine allowed to be distributed in high schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We get invited as guests to talk about one8one every year and update the students on what’s new with one8one.

We are also distributed here:

  • Universities & high schools in the UAE
  • Virgin Megastores in the UAE
  • Cafes
  • Gaming cafes
  • Creative agencies
  • Exhibitions
  • Art galleries and creative centers
  • Gyms
  • Music stores
  • Restaurants
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Phone : +971 43 88 3200, +971 50 550 1412