Coco Yogo

This is the ‘Awesome Rawsome Banoffee’ by Coco Yogo. For a hot summer day, this is the perfect dessert, as it is refreshing, sweet and completely guilt-free.
It is basically an avocado and cocoa mousse with cashew and banana cream on a base of dates. It is a satiating bowl of goodness. As a dessert, it is delicious on its own and the quantity is filling enough. The best part is it is completely healthy.
However, if you are craving banoffee in particular, then we would suggest looking for another dessert alternative. As it lacks the classic flavour of bananas and caramel together. There is a zesty and sour aftertaste to this guilt-free banoffee, which reminds us of a cheesecake rather than the classic British banoffee. The classic banoffee has that heavenly, decadent texture that is incomparable.
For AED 35, the dessert is worth a try for sure as it is light, creamy and healthy. Perfect for the sweet tooth and the weighing scale. You can attend one of the Ripe Markets in Dubai and find them there or buy their other goodies online.

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