Cities: Skylines (PC)

The Cities: Skyline is quickly becoming this month’s best-selling game, as the good folks crave a good city-building game. It has been an extremely long time since people have been excited to play a better version of SimCity. Unfortunately the latest SimCity is a little too fantasy-based and has size limitations wherin gamers are not able to establish proper zoning districts, which made a lot of us crazy. Whereas Cities: Skyline lets you play a virtual mayor who has to run the municipality. The game is filled with real-world experience, with proper zoning, room to grow, reviewal of policies and districts that are your responsibility to develop.

The game has no multiplayer option, which is a total bummer, but at least it is filled with frilly options like disasters and giant monster attacks, which make it interesting. Since you only have one city to deal with, along with a mostly invisible outside world that allows you to buy and sell goods on a common market, you are kind of limited. Nevertheless, City:Skylines is one of the best city-builder games on the market.

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