Challenge Chambers: The Real Life Escape Game Reviewed

How engrossed are you with CSI, The Mentalist, Criminal minds and other crime detective shows? Experience and be part of your very own murder mystery. Solve crimes with ‘The Mystery Challenge’ in Dubai’s Challenge Chambers. With us constantly running out of activities for the weekend, the Challenge Chambers offers the young and old a very extraordinary experience. You can use your creativity and transform your current situation into a fascinating scene where you are caught up in a world filled with danger, secrets, and scandals. The challenging scenario in the game is that you are challenged to prove that your brother, Amer Ziad, was wrongfully murdered and did not commit suicide. You need to use your imagination, solve the mind-boggling puzzle logically and sequentially with just a few hints in order to unravel the mystery for yourself. We had a great time at Challenge Chambers as it exposed us to a new way of thinking and pushed us to new limits. It made us conquer an unfamiliar situation and tested our tactical abilities, challenging us to be more aware of our surroundings. A must try!

A must try!

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