Canon Powershot SX500 IS

The first thing you notice when you pick up this camera is the size of its lens and the weight. The 30 x 24-720mm lens is fully attached to the body, only 10.2 cm deep and weighs only 340 g (including the battery) making it perfectly portable.


However, the second thing I noticed was its unsuitability for low-light and action shots (despite its flash). I found that in low light even the slightest movement resulted in a blurry shot, which meant its excellent zoom capacity was less useful. This improved significantly in areas with brighter light, but even then I still had problems photographing fast movement and capturing a photograph which was not blurry.


This being said, its colour balance was generally very good, and photographing stationary scenes in low light came out with low levels of noise and sharp, defined colours. Shooting outdoors, or in any environment with good lighting, is ideal for this camera and, in those cases, results will be pleasing. Canon claims that the camera has improved focusing and shutter speed, but lag is still noticeable, especially when taking photos in quick succession.


The autofocus and zoom work very well, as does its 720p video recorder. Zooming while recording is smooth and easy although a slight mechanical noise will be audible.


Rather that using HS CMOS sensors and a newer, more powerful, Digic5 processor, Canon opted for a 16-megapixel CCD sensor and a Digic4. Overall, this means that the camera has a good zoom lens, but slower performance, less shooting options and the need for a lot of light or long exposure to get the best results; but makes the camera more affordable and portable.

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