Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

bruiser-book-sideBruiser is a fantastic novel split into four different narratives. As the story unfolds, the narratives switch between Tennyson- a 16 year old boy, Bronte- his (younger, by 15 minutes she’d like to remind you) twin sister, Brewster- Bronte’s friend, and Cole- his younger brother. One of the most striking features of this novel is the fascinating way in which Brewster’s chapters are written- in poetry. It’s a story for young people, with a captivating premise about the ultimate form of empathy, which is part of the allure. Tennyson isn’t surprised when his sister starts to see the loner, Brewster “Bruiser” Rawlins; after all he was voted ‘Most Likely to Get the Death Penalty’. What he doesn’t know is that there’s a reason that Brewster can’t have friends. Because when Brewster starts to care, really care, about someone, strange things start to happen, impossible things, unexplainable things, and Bronte and Tennyson know this, because it starts happening to them. This enticing novel will have you reading it start to finish in one sitting, the perfect read for an emotional roller coaster. Keep a box of tissues nearby.

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