Brainscape Games Reviewed!

Being trapped in a room and having a crucial object to retrieve in order to escape really does bring out a side in you may never have thought existed- good or bad. Located on Bay Avenue, Brainscape is the perfect spot to experience this discovery with your friends or workmates who may live at both ends of the city- making it a perfect in-between hangout spot with comparatively better prices (the prices differs depending on the day of week and number of players*). Brainscape focuses more on the thinking aspect of escape games rather than the technological; unlike other games available in Dubai.


In terms of how the puzzles played out, they were rather doable. We were put in a room surrounded by back story and no clue as to what was about to happen. Despite the eerie suspense of not knowing anything, hilarity ensues when you realise it is you that is exaggerating everything in the room. Definitely, a humorous factor knowing that a piece of plastic found on the floor isn’t a part of the game. This is the perfect place to get your mind working as well as have a good time with your friends and colleagues. Besides, it is indoors so why not give it a try?





Investment: From AED105 to AED125

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