Before I fall by Lauren Oliver

before i fallThis is the magnificent story of a girl who gets to live her last day seven times. Part of the popular crowd, the most crush-worthy friend ever and with her three best friends in tow, Friday February 2nd should be just another amazing day in her perfect life. But it isn’t, it is however, a chance she gets, a chance to uncover the mystery surrounding her death and a chance to discover the true value of everything she is in danger of losing. We follow her as she lives that day, and as she ends it. Then as she does it over and over again, until the seventh day is done, and when it all ends. This 470 paged novel looks like a superficial teen story about the tragic love of the two shallowest people in high school. As you read this book and follow Samantha Kingston living her last day over and over, you realise what matters, what doesn’t, and how one tiny decision can change your life. It’s beautifully written and incredibly captivating the whole way through. 

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