'Unearthed: Trail of
Ibn Battuta' launched

The game is available now and features an Original Storyline Inspired by Real Events Surrounding the Famous Muslim Explorer Ibn Battuta.

Semaphore, the games and media subsidiary of leading e-learning and training developer Semanoor International today announces the release of the first episode of its locally developed action adventure game Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is a third person action adventure video game set in modern day Middle East that is presented in a TV-Style episodic format and it is available in both Arabic and English voiceover with support for menus and subtitles in 21 languages. The game marks the first release of a Saudi Arabian development house on the Sony PlayStation 3 platform along with other major platforms including: PC, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

Get ready for the spine-chiller of the year! When Arab fortune hunter Faris Jawad and his archeologist sister Dania receive a call to visit Morocco they embark on an exotic adventure throughout the Middle East on the trail of the famous Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta (1304-1369 A.D.).

The trail won't be clear however as Faris will have to overcome an unholy alliance of a militia army leader, a weapons dealer and a wealthy antiquities smuggler who are after the same goal.

"We are thrilled to be introducing Saudi Arabia's first multiplatform video game to the world, we are determined to deliver a next-generation experience that will do justice to the amazing story of Ibn Battuta" Said Emad Fahad Aldoghaither, the president of Semaphore.

"We are story-tellers at heart and we feel that we have a lot of great stories that are based on actual Middle Eastern history in this region and we strive to tell them using the very best in modern technologies, a key component to enable that is the Unity Game Engine and the flexibility it offers to allows us to iterate quickly and be constantly productive" adds Ahmad Jadallah, the Director of Development at Semaphore and the game's Writer and Director.

The game features high impact cutscenes courtesy of the IMAX movie "Journey To Mecca: In the Footsteps of Ibn Battuta" which was produced by Oasis Productions.

Semaphore is also now a registered developer for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms and is set to bring them future episodes of the Unearthed series as well as other new original IPs.

* Key Features:
• Travel across the Middle East on the trail of the famous Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta and unravel a centuries old secret.
• Unique mix of platforming, melee fighting, shooting and stealth gameplay.
• Presented in a TV style episodic format along with recaps of previous episodes and teaser cliff hangers of what lies ahead.
• Unlockable Survival Mode: Battle against endless waves of enemies (Mummies, Zombies, Ghouls) across six varied maps for the chance to gain points and a ranking in the global leaderboards.
• Unlockable Extras: Concept Art, Renders, Animatics, Cutscenes, Character Gallery and Treasures.
• Available in 21 languages for menus\subtitles. With full Voice-over in Arabic and English.

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