Deama Hatahet: Artist

An artistic creation is nothing without its artist. For the artist polishes it with that confidence it needs to shine, passes on to it that unique vibe every piece of work is meant to emit, provides it with that message that gives it meaning and importance. Symbiotically, an artist gains confidence from his creations emits his vibe through his work and delivers his message through his art. Thus an artistic creation and an artist reflect one another. A living example of this relation is the lovely Deama Hatahet and her fabulous art.

Cheerful, vibrant and energetic, Deama is a true reflection of her colorful art. A pleasantly confident young lady that conveys her confidence through her art and also through the way that she dresses. “Along with my art, I like to express myself through my clothes” , says Deama, “and I love colors; I include colors in my clothes and of course in my art too”. Influenced by the very flamboyant Psychedelic art style, there is no way Deama cannot use colors in her work. When I first asked Deama about what Psychedelic art was, she explained that it is a form of art that emerged in the late 60’s mainly influenced by hallucinations induced by drugs. Seeing me shocked by the explanation, Deema laughed loudly and rushed to explain that she “wasn’t into drugs or that kind of thing” and that she was just interested in the style of art itself. Along with being very colorful and vibrant, psychedelic art is also very abstract, one of the key factors that attracted Deama to it. “My style of drawing is mainly abstract; I like my paintings to have open-endings so that different people interpret different things.”

Deama graduated from The University of Sharjah with a BA degree in Graphic design and Multimedia. One of her projects focused on twelve of the most endangered species in the UAE region. The project consisted of calendars, post cards and a set of illustrations that featured the species. This project has been especially exciting for Deama as she is highly interested in animal illustrations and this project has allowed her to explore her full potential in this field. When I exclaimed at how adorable and innocent looking the animal illustrations were, she said that she tried to make them look as cute as possible for people to sympathize with the cause and take action. This project gained wide local acclaim and was featured in Kul Al Usra magazine. Like many of her other projects and works this particular one was influenced by nature, this environmental theme however is not her only source of inspiration. “I’m inspired by many things; sometimes I’d be staring at the wall and an idea just comes to me, or at times, but don’t laugh, I get ideas in my dreams”. Elaborating on that, Deama said “drawing is my outlet of self-expression; it’s as personal to me as songwriting is for some people”.

Like every aspiring artist Deama is also inspired by certain people; one of whom is the psychedelic artist Max Payne, however she made a point of mentioning more than once, that she’s inspired not only by artists but by anyone with a cause. “I’m inspired by people like Coco Chanel that were themselves all the way, that dreamt and aspired and got their ways in the end, if it wasn’t for her, me and you wouldn’t be wearing pants today!”, exclaims Deama.

Most young artists have huge dreams and aspirations regarding their futures in the art field, Deama however has different kinds of dreams; “Of course, I want to accelerate in this field but honestly it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing as long as I’m causing a good change”. With her ideas fresh, her hopes high, and the world as her canvas there’s no limit to the amount of change Deama and her likes can cause.

by Farah Hamdy

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