Add a Splash of Colour to Your Winter Wardrobe!

Stereotypically we know men do not prefer to experiment with the different colours and shades, and tend to stay within the black-grey-navy scheme in their everyday wear, especially during the winter season. Even though most of them look great, classy and timeless, we believe that one of the easiest and most fun ways to express your individuality and brighten up your day is to add some colours into your wardrobe.

Oliver Spencer once said, “Inject some colour into your life and it will brighten your mood” and we have a few tips to show you exactly how to.

Accessories are taking centre stage. The average man on the street has finally realised to what women have known for years: accessories are versatile, affordable and definitely completes any look. Think about colourful accent pieces: caps, scarves and bags. The trick is not to be afraid of colour, while ensuring to not go overboard with it. Find a level of colour that you’re comfortable with.


Wear colourful footwear
An easy way to make a strong statement is to inject a serious dose of colour into your footwear. Historically, shoes for men have typically come in one of two hues: black or brown – but over the past few years, brands have been providing all-new, more adventurous styles for the latest generation. Vibrant slip-ons, epic Nike Air trainers or brogues with contrasting sunshine soles and laces can be your ultimate style statement.


Invest in some argyle
A pattern typically associated with golf, Argyle was in, then out, and now it’s in again, and we couldn’t be happier. But instead of wearing it like your dad or granddad would, while playing his weekly eighteen holes, why not give it an edgy rock ‘n’ roll slant by combining bright colours?

The argyle sweaters will seamlessly help inject life back into any of your current go-to autumn and winter looks.


Don’t forget outerwear
One of the biggest menswear winter trends we have spotted is the statement coat. Go for a bold coat that not only adds a pop of colour to your wardrobe but also keeps you warm.

If you think the UAE’s winter is too mild for you to wear a coat, then try a vest.


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