Acer Iconia One 7

This tablet is something Acer clearly worked on with more attention to detail than their previous products; the finish is nicer to the touch and the overall ergonomics make this tablet a joy to use. The soft rubber back helps one maintain their grip on the device while the overall weight-to-size ratio makes this gadget an easier companion to have through out the day.
Running on Android 4.2.2, Acer Iconia One 7 is an affordable and relatively-relevant tablet to use for your every day needs. Indeed, it is not on par with its competition offered by Apple, however it seems Acer doesn’t aim at that market considering the overall polish of this tablet. It must be added, however, Acer Iconia One 7 is no slouch and gives an iPad mini a run for its money. Running on an Intel 1.6GHz processor, this tablet is a great e-book reader, browser and, to some extent, light gaming device. Additionally, Acer did not overbloat Android with its custom software and that is a good thing.
Let’s just say the camera is not what one would buy a tablet for. It is ok for video calling, but it should be left at that. With 2 MP sensor and no flash, Acer Iconia One 7 is not one would use to take their holiday snaps.
This is a great tablet for an entry level device; it is inexpensive, however it does not feel that way in your hand. Indeed, this is not an equivalent to an iPad Mini or one of the many Samsung tablets, however, it will do the job just fine. This is a great device to take with you on a trip.
Overall Rating:
Hardware – 6/10
Software – 7/10
Camera – 3/10
Overall – 6/10

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