About Us

one8one magazine is a monthly publication, created by the youth of the UAE for youth.


Why are we called 181?
Just like in America, 411 is slang for “information or updates”, the UAE has 181 as the directory service. And since we the youth of today’s day and age love to be in the know-how of all things within the UAE and the world around us we have created a magazine dedicated to the youth!

Who are we?
We are the youth of the UAE and 181 magazine is our medium through which we share our ideas, thoughts and other talented people’s work. We strive to learn, educate, inform, and entertain our audience in our own unique fun and quirky way.

How Do We Work?
First thing first, there is no “I can’t” in our office. We come up with the craziest ideas and if tell people tell us, “That’s probably not possible” our traditional answer will be: “Why not?”

Our magazine is written entirely by us, the youth. We don’t just “write” about things, we experience them first hand and then tell you about it. Sports, music, fashion, marketing, photography, you name it. There is trivia of categories you can choose from and nobody will force you to write something you don’t personally like.

We also represent one8one as journalists and photographers at events, concerts and conferences. We are also assigned media passes and get to work as the media and then we write about our experience.

How do we choose our cover star?
Writing needs inspiration. The cover star is anyone from the UAE’s youth that has done something inspiring or extraordinary.

How are the fashion models chosen?
All models in the fashion shoot are volunteer students of all shapes and sizes. We even take the time to try out an awesome sport every month and write about it in one8one.


What We Write About
S’chool news round-up
Movies and reviews
Video Games
Out and about in the UAE
Gadgets and Technology
Artist of the month
Monthly themed topic
Book reviews
Cover Story (Person on the cover)
His and Her Fashion
Life Coaching
Crazy Facts
College Articles

Comments on “About Us

  1. Hello, Ms. Bhargavi
    I am in my last year of studying, and I am looking for a sponsorship for one year.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sumaia,

      You can get involved in several ways:
      1. You can intern for us. To apply please fill in the form here > http://one8one.com/new/contribute/intern-for-one8one/

      2. You can contribute your photography, poems, short stories, artwork, comics, illustrations, reviews and so much more. To send us stuff please check out this page > http://one8one.com/new/contribute/submit-your-work/

      3. If you like modeling then you can be our next model within our fashion photo shoots. To Apply please fill out this form > http://one8one.com/new/contribute/model-for-one8one/

      Let us know how you would like to contribute.

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