Aakash Gandhi Keyboardist | Pianist | Composer

Founder of 88 Keys To Euphoria, Aakash Gandhi is a classically trained Indian pianist and composer from the United States. He received his MBA in Finance from the University of Central Florida. Despite a strong academic foundation, Aakash has always maintained a very keen interest in the musical arts. Soon after launching his YouTube channel, 88KeysToEuphoria, in January 2008, he quickly became noticed for his acoustic blend of Western and Bollywood music, which ultimately led to him being YouTube’s number-one most-subscribed
-to independent Indian musician, with over 132,084 subscribers and 18 million views.


Aakash Gandhi  Keyboardist | Pianist | Composer

Initially Gandhi’s YouTube Channel started off purely as a creative outlet for him to express his music. So when he uploaded his first video back in 2008 he never expected anyone to even view his work. When he realised the potential and support he received from his music, he decided that it was a beautiful way to enhance his skills, connect with people regardless of geographical boundaries.
After Aakash completed his MBA, he was inspired to make a living out of his passion, hence his website, 88 Keys to Euphoria, was born. Through his site people can learn to play popular Bollywood songs on the piano through on-demand video tutorials.
Aakash also mentions that he is working on some original work as well and that this should be out sometime in December. He also plans to
launch a platform where individuals can share their amazing musical talents. This would help to showcase their unique and refreshing musical take of music.
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