A Walk a Day

The world is constantly changing and, despite the constant discovery of solutions for issues all around us, in all sorts of fields, we continue to have one problem that everyone seems to overlook most of the time: health.

Although the human race is on a lifetime struggle for survival, we seem to be doing a pretty lousy job at it. Quite evidently, maintaining good health isn’t only about vaccinations, avoiding accidents and mugging up a gazillion types of antibiotics, but it is also about self-care strategies and undertaking even the most simple tasks to prevent and minimise health problems and complications. Strategies as simple as going for a walk!


Dubai has really stepped it up when it comes to raising health awareness with a handful of events like the Safe & Sound Pink Walkathon and the Beat Diabetes walk. These events not only helped raise awareness and funds for both breast cancer and diabetes, but also got thousands of U.A.E residents out of their beds on a sunny weekend morning for a walk.


The Color Run was also among the events that gave the citizens of Dubai another chance to go for a healthy, and fun, walk. The 5 km track of Dubai Autodrome was filled with colours splashing from all directions, and a whole lot of joy with the fun festival held at the finish line of the track.

Although it may sound pretty simple, going for a morning walk does not only give you an extra boost of energy, but studies have proven that it also reduces the risk of heart diseases, boosts your vitamin D levels, reduces the risk of brain diseases, as well as keeping your weight under control, toning your body AND boosting your mood – it makes you feel happy! Going for a walk really is the simplest exercise we can possibly do, the problem is we don’t.

Despite the considerable amount of initiatives by the city of Dubai and the companies that helped make these events possible (Burjuman and Virgin Radio Dubai to name a few), and the continuous attempts to raise awareness for health issues, the question remains: do we really need a “Color Run” to go for a simple walk? Do we need to wait for an event to get up and go out for some fresh air?

When are we actually going to start caring about the most crucial thing in our lives: our well-being? Plenty of questions, and there is one simple answer for all of them: “Get up and go for a walk!”

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