A Gastronomical Success: SpiceKlub

SpiceKlub’s bright and vibrant hues arrest your attention as you walk in. The colours are warm and inviting while one look at the walls would transport you to India.


Masala Mojito is Spiceklub’s refreshing take on lemon mint juice and Mango on the Rocks is Mango pulp solidified with nitrogenous gas, topped with mango juice. What more could a mango lover want? A yummy delicacy that can be eaten as well as sipped. It was definitely our favourite drink.

Coconut water with assorted caviar tasted like finely shaved ice topped with rose flavoured caviar. Personally, we are not a fan of coconut water but with every bite, the taste grows on you. It is a must try for coconut lovers.


Pani Puri served with test tubes and syringes?! Although it sounds like a crazy lab experiment it was one of our favourite dishes. The novelty of the idea makes the dish unforgettable.

Papdi Chaat was one of the most interesting starters. They converted yoghurt into yoghurt spirit which is really light compared to normal heavy yoghurt. This sits on top of a papdi and the dish is garnished with coriander foam like a cherry on top!

Pav Bhaji Fondue combined were two things that could not be more different, within the dish the curry is consistently mixed with cheese fondue and served with toasted bread cubes.  What a novel treat!


Moti Paneer Makhni was extremely creamy and rich while the Vegetable Kadai goes perfectly with any kind of bread you order.


Flower Pot is nothing like we have ever seen a desert look like. It is EXACTLY like its title. Ras Malai and Kesar Mousse as the soil, Belgian chocolate for the pot, served over a bed of pistachio granules. Talk about innovative right?

Bubbling kulfi was dipped in liquid nitrogen and served with several delicious flavours like rose caviar, salted caramel, chocolate and blueberry sauce. The rock hard ice cream (kulfi) along with the myriad of flavours dance on your tongue and creates a delightful sensation. This dessert is a must try.

A huge shout-out to the amazingly professional and friendly staff at SpiceKlub. They took the time to explain to us all the dishes and presented each one with great care. For the price, the portion size was good and just right for a family of four. We recommend SpiceKlub for its unique take on molecular gastronomy and its value for money.

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