A Cup Cake Experience

So Yum We Couldn’t Breathe … one8one team along with a professional taster Kawthar Al Shamsi sat down to a table full of cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery, Kitsch Cupcakes and Sugar Daddy’s to determine which store had the best cupcakes according to certain criteria.


To determine the most overall appealing cupcake store in the UAE.



We believe that it will be difficult to stuff our faces with all the cupcakes and will be hard to determine which is the best because all will be exceptionally good.



Our taste buds
Empty Stomachs
Our fingers and assorted cutlery



Each subject was given the same flavor of cupcake from each store and assessed it according to the criteria set out.
Each person was then blindfolded and asked to taste each cupcake and rate the most appealing to the least, without knowing from where each one was.
Results were recorded.
Everyone binged on the leftovers.

Data Processing and Analysis:

The team’s favorites were: Magnolia’s Banana, Sugar Daddy’s Red Velvet and Kitsch’s Triple Chocolate.


Sugar Daddy’s takes the gold, but that does not mean that the other cupcake stores were lagging far behind, all were exceptionally good cupcakes- all were so incredibly delicious that everyone needed a nap after they tasted. Further research is required and the one8one team is therefore asking its readers to help with this quest- get on our 181youth facebook page to help us decide by voting for your favorite cupcake store!!!


Subjects should have drank more water throughout the whole process as well as not had anything to eat the whole day because bellies were about to explode after eating so many cupcakes.

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