A Bumpy Commitment

Wheels. Your own set of wheels. That’s the dream for many licensed students across the region. Cars give us a sense of freedom and happiness that is unparalleled to anything else that is materialistic. For auto lovers, buying a car is the defining moment, the ultimate choice. But you need to think of options and affordability. One usually plans ahead on what to buy and from where, along with the desired features. But for those of you who find yourself at a loss when it comes to the automobile world we dedicate this article. Owning a car can be a big responsibility, meaning that choosing the right one is a big commitment.

The first and most important thing is coming up with a budget. Make sure you keep a correct budget for your requirements. Do not keep a budget for a 2011 Toyota Yaris and then aim at getting the latest version of the Nissan Sunny.

Make sure that the requirements you have of a car are necessary to you if you have a tight budget.

Regular Oil Change
Fill oil and keep an eye out for the number of kilometres run to determine the next oil change.

Follow Speed Limits
Remember that though Dubai roads currently have leeway that is not extended to all roads. Certain roads do not have leeway and cars that cross the speed limit will be fined.

Look for used cars in good conditions for lower prices. Try getting it from individual car owners rather than dealers as one can usually get a better deal that way. Make sure to check the car thoroughly and be present for the Tasjeel examination.

Be sure to research the available insurance programs and policies for your age and car type. Usually insurance for car owners below 21 is more expensive.

Keep the registration card in the car if the car has more than one driver. This will eliminate any trouble for other users.

Be sure to update your Salik and keep checking for messages on the provided phone number to see if you are running out of Salik credit.

Always, always make sure you have enough fuel in your tank. If you even have the slightest inkling of a doubt, fill it. Do not needlessly switch on your car engine and leave—it wastes petrol. After midnight, petrol stations are self-serviced. If you are not familiar with self service, do not panic. Ask at the shop how to use the pumps.

In summer, keep a check on your tyres. Make sure they have the right pressure. It is good practice to check your tyres by applying a little pressure with your foot after parking.

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