8 New Year’s Resolutions We Dare You to Try!

It’s time for the New Year to roll in again and, yes, we are all tired of listening to the same old New Year’s Resolutions. We don’t understand why we all need to lose weight, start reading more, be more organised and have our life together. Now, we aren’t demotivating you to achieve all your stereotypical resolutions, but in the meantime you could try a couple of our novel suggestions.


1. Finish a chapstick
Oh, what a goal! If you can manage to hold on to that sucker for the better part of three months, be proud. Be even more proud if you use the chapstick enough in these three months that it actually finishes. It’s totally worth the effort of keeping that thing out of the laundry, the trash and the constant fear of losing it. Facebook status worthy, yes! #goals4life

2. Grow a plant
No, it doesn’t count when you just buy a plant and then forget all about it. How about trying to actually plant something and watching it grow? Again, try not to neglect it, think of it as an animal that needs to be fed and given attention regularly. If you’re feeling ambitious, try growing tomatoes! Why? Just for the heck of it. #gogreen


3. Don’t send a text to someone sitting in the next room, or the same room
We are all guilty of doing this, especially when we can hear our parents asking us a simple question, but instead of parting our lips to make noise, we just quickly type out a response. Whhhhy? Is it that hard to communicate these days, or are we as a generation just that lazy? I know, I know, it’s totally both. Thanks, internet. #millennialbaby

4. Don’t stalk your favourite celebrity
But it’s so much fun! Yeah, I know. Social media is great for stalking what celebrities do, and what’s even more fun is commenting on it, hearting it, retweeting it, and simply debating who they are currently seeing. Yes, we are aware that they aren’t our friends, and don’t even know that we exist, but whatever, those are trivial details. I can’t say that I don’t spend the better part of an hour each day following Liam Hemsworth, but a great new suggestion to try out is listening to a podcast or even reading the news. #stalkertendenciesbegone or #CNNBeLike

5. Stop staring, using, or listening to your phone while walking
You are part of the problem. Your zombie-like behaviour is causing accidents, self-imposed injuries, and very angry drivers. The world is actually pretty interesting if you spend time looking around. So take off the headphones, put your phone on silent and enjoy a nice walk, and don’t be surprised with the sound of birds chirping, or taxis beeping. It will all be quite… refreshing! #naturesmusic

6. Don’t collect your hair on the wall of the shower
Girls, you know you do this, and boys with long hair, you too. Suck it up, make a hairball and throw it out after you’re done showering. Just once. Also, isn’t the feeling of wet hair stuck on your hands just the best thing ever? #hairybusiness

7. Try taking a selfie that looks like a picture of an actual person
Yes, we are referring to all the duck-faced girls out there! How about taking a normal-ish picture of yourself? You know, the kind where your lips aren’t wrinkled up like you just licked a slice of lemon. Show us your pearly whites, without the bathroom stalls. #sorrynotsorry

8. Be a part of the human journey
Be empathetic, love thy neighbour, do everything you can to be better than you were yesterday. Say hello to that stranger you see in the elevator every morning when you leave your home. You have an obligation to be a good person, show compassion to fellow human beings. We all got here the same way and we’ll leave in pretty much the same manner, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. #instalike

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