7 Tips on How to Shoot a Stunning Close-Up of the Moon

Sighting the moon has been a long standing tradition across the Arab world where people await with great anticipation the announcement of the new moon to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. To mark this occasion, Apple reveals today its new ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign that captures the magic of Eid in the UAE with a collection of incredible moon photos shot on iPhone 7. Here are the top tips to shoot stunning close-up moon photos #ShotoniPhone:


Step 1: Learn the phases of the moon. It’s easier to capture a moon shot during the first quarter of the lunar cycle which is when the moon is half full. Many craters and other interesting features are visible during this phase.


Step 2: Find the best time and place to shoot. Make sure you’re shooting when there’s a clear night sky with little to no light around as that will affect your photos. Consider going in the desert to find a good spot.


Step 3: Set up a telescope and line up your iPhone 7 with the eyepiece. Keep one hand free to tweak the settings and fix the angle of your shot.


Step 4: Turn off the flash. You won’t need it as the moon is bright.


Step 5: Tap and hold to lock focus. First you need to ensure that the focus is good through the telescope, then you need to lock in the focus on the phone. This is key to capturing a clear image of the moon.


Step 6: Drag to lower exposure. Because the moon is so bright relative to the night sky, the moon will be over-exposed. Manually swipe down to lower the exposure so the moon appears darker.


Step 7: Practice. As with most astronomical pursuits, your skills will improve with practice. Don’t be discouraged if your first shots are not perfect. You will eventually get your magic shot.

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