7 Tips and Tricks For Capturing the Perfect Shots!

So you’re traveling around the world this summer and you, of course, wish to take aesthetic photos, but you’re still an amateur photographer. That’s okay, everyone starts from the bottom. If you have no experience using a professional DSLR camera don’t be afraid to simply use your cell phone. Photography is photography; whether you use a professional or your cell phone.

When we talk about aesthetic, it means that some things are typically more pleasing to the eye, whether it be on a painting, photograph or sculpture. The basic understanding of aesthetic is ingrained in everyone; so here are some tips and tricks you can use to capture your beautiful memories in a photograph.


Light. Is. Everything!
You need to get your lighting perfect in order to get your picture perfect. Always aim for the natural light. Don’t try to force a picture taken at night that can be taken in the morning when the sun is out. Another tip, don’t be afraid to wait for a different time of the day when the light is better. Shadowy, soft dusk light is so much better as compared to harsh light so sometimes waiting makes all the difference in the world.



Change the perspective/angle
We see the world from eye level, should your photographs always be at the same altitude as your eye. You will be amazed by how shooting from a high ground or from your knees will change your image.



Know your focus modes
This is probably something you didn’t know you could alter. If you set your camera to autofocus, your camera will either make your picture or ruin it. Know how to adjust the focus on your camera in case your camera suddenly decides it knows better than you what part of the frame you want to focus on.



Pay attention to the background.
Evaluate your scene, especially in portrait mode. Isolate your subjects from the background by adjusting the depth of fields. Move your camera or move your subject, unless the subject is your background.



Get closer.
If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough. Fill your frame with the subject. This is one of the most difficult things to do in photography, sometimes photographers lazily reach for a telephoto lens to “cheat”. Get closer and see your image improve.



If you want to capture a subject in motion, lower the shutter speed. Choose a shutter speed that’s at least two steps lower than needed. Keep your camera on your subject and hold your finger halfway down on the shutter to lock the focus. Take the photo and pan the camera with your subject as they move. This might take a lot of practice, but remember practice makes perfect.



Have fun.

If you aren’t enjoying photography, there’s no point. Smile behind the lens. Capture moments. Create art. Get outside. Explore inside. But regardless of the results, have fun with photography, nothing else matters; not even the photograph.


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