5 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Print!


Climate change is something which has affected and drastically altered the basic functioning of a billion year old planet in a mere 100 years. And yet many do not know what it means and how it affects them. Facts stated by scientists are not always true as they keep refuting previous stated facts, which confuses people and makes them wonder whether Climate change is really a serious issue.

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After 2012, the year 2015 is officially the second hottest year ever recorded, with an increase of 0.8 degree Celsius since last century. It starts with the Greenhouse effect i.e., putting a blanket on the planet and the more CO2 you add by burning fossil fuels, the warmer it gets. This warmth melts off the Ice Glaciers in the Northern Regions, some of which are millions of years old, and leads to a massive rise in sea levels which affects every country in the world.

The worst part is that the younger you are, the more it is going to impact your life. Which is what makes climate change a Human Rights issue, not just an environmental issue.


Here are five tips on how you can reduce your Carbon Footprint and secure your future.


  • Conserve Water


Think of it this way; the amount of water you waste today is the amount you will be deprived of in the future. Turning off that tap also saves money so why not?


  • Save Energy


Switch to Energy efficient electronics, LED Lights and turn your gadgets to low power mode. This will consume less electricity.

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  • Use the Alternatives


Use the stairs instead of the lift, walk to your destination if it’s nearby, carpool and offer your share of the petrol. It’s great for staying fit!


  • Divide and Conquer


Have three separate bins for Paper, Plastic, and General, this allows you to recycle paper or drop it off at any recycling factory.


  • Save Paper


Borrow books from the library, sell/donate used textbooks, engage in book swaps, or read books online.

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