Shaikha Al Qassemi: KikiforCrossfit Inspires Us!

Shaikha Al Qassemi is a twenty-seven-year-old Crossfit athlete who started her journey in 2013 with the main to try something different and live a better lifestyle. With that goal in mind she encourages individuals to live a healthier and active lifestyle so that they can live their best lives forward, make a meaningful impact and reduce widespread ailments such as obesity and diabetes that have become common within the younger generations in the U.A.E. Check out her powerful interview and get ready to be wowed.

What is your biggest accomplishment in Crossfit?

Every day is a big accomplishment, getting out of bed, getting to the gym, sticking to a regime, training and setting goals for each day. I usually train once or twice a day depending on how I am feeling, and my regime is very demanding on my body so when I achieve my goals that are the biggest accomplishment.


How do you set goals?

I set goals based on different competitions that I am competing in, as every competition has different goals. Once I know what is expected I create them and read them when I wake up and go to bed. Every moment is spent focusing and working towards that goal. I also like to visualise how I will train and like write my goals down, that way when I practice I work towards that specific number.

What is your diet like?

I don’t like to follow any one diet because I am tolerant to some things and intolerant towards other food items. I just try to focus on living a healthy lifestyle, I do enjoy cheat meals every now and then. I do like to keep my vitamins and supplements in order and make sure to get all the necessary fats, proteins and nutrients that I require based on my training needs.

What differentiates you from other athletes?

I think it’s the willingness to make a change in the U.A.E. Based on my social media following, you can see that people are receptive to change. My main motivation is to inspire women to lift weight and not be worried about having muscles here and there. I would love to see more young adults and mothers to start training, be it using CrossFit or any other form of exercise. I want more people to live a stronger and healthier life and make a change for the better.

What was the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice came from my brother in 2014 when I was just about to quit everything I had worked so hard for. I wanted to stop competing and not be a public figure anymore. That was right around the time I started getting noticed and started getting a lot of backlash from people. That caused me to delete my personal Instagram account before I created my current account which is kikiforcrossfit. That is when my brother told me if you do something good people are going to talk if you do something bad people are going to talk and if you do nothing at all people will still talk. That is when I made peace with the situation and told myself that this is their opinion and that they are entitled to their own and that it shouldn’t affect my own mental sanity and peace.

What kind of songs do you listen to when you work out?

I don’t have a specific song that I listen to, however, whenever I listen a specific playlist that I have which is songs from the 90’s and the 2000’s. The playlist is about an hour and a half and that is when I wouldn’t want to stop working out as it has all the best moments from my high school and college. However, on a regular basis, I listen to rock, RnB, hip-hop, or whatever’s on the radio. 


Who are your heroes and why?

My heroes are those who get out of bed every morning and follow their dreams. My heroes are also the mothers that have a full schedule and still train, people who don’t have an anatomy and still manage to work out. People who don’t make excuses, who train their hardest every single day, make time for their families and friends and spread the love around, these are my heroes.

What advice do you have for people who want to start living an active lifestyle?

Firstly, don’t take anything too seriously, don’t stress out about the numbers and how you are not progressing towards that goal that you have set. Just have fun, enjoy the journey towards physical fitness, stay in school, study hard and just give your body an hour a day.

Secondly, find a gym that offers training for young people, that way you know that they will focus on you based on your timings, goal requirements and will work with you in the best possible manner.


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