13 Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”

‘13 Reasons Why’ is the new Netflix series based on Jay Asher’s very own novel ‘13 Reasons Why’ that is taking the internet by storm. The series revolves around the main characters Clay Jenson and Hannah Baker, who committed suicide after a series of events that tore her apart. Before committing suicide she left tapes explaining about why she did what she did. So here are thirteen reasons why you should watch the breathtaking series.

It is beautifully scripted, suspenseful, complicated and a tragic story.
Not only does it make you experience the happiness and tragedy of Hannah Baker from a very close point but it helps you understand on a deeper level what makes an individual go to the extreme of committing suicide.

It is not like any other cliché TV series.
It is not one of those over fantasised TV Shows that contains sparkly vampires, long haired werewolves or those highly unrealistic romance instead it deals with important issues that need to be talked about more often with teenagers.

It contains issues that all teens can relate to.
It is a subject matter that is very relevant to teen life. The issues it deals with are issues that all teenagers face at some point in their life.

You constantly wonder how everyone is connected.
There are 13 people who played a role in taking Hannah’s life. 13 reasons why she thought life wasn’t worth it. With every tape, you complete you’ll solve one theory and open a passage to another on how a particular situation happens. You’ll sit on the edge of your chair with the excitement of solving the case.

You’ll understand the consequences of suicide.
You’ll know how deeply it will affect the people around you. Specifically, the ones that really love you and care about you.

It puts you directly in the mind of someone who is suffering from depression and is considering suicide.
You’ll be in the mind of Hannah Baker so you’ll know the experiences, emotions, and struggle she went through before everything went down and how every experience broke her apart.

It comprises of the experiences of many.
It helps you have a deeper perspective not only on the victim’s side but also the bully’s side and why one may have committed such a crime in the first place.

It teaches you a lesson if you ever felt like Hannah.
It enlightens you on reasons why you should try and talk to someone instead of just jumping into any conclusion that might affect not one but many.

Portrays the power of words.
It shows how much power words can have that it can drive a person to depression and lead those to take extreme help you realize that even the smallest gesture of negativity can affect someone so deeply.

You will not be the same person
Whether you like it or not watching the series will definitely shape the way you behave. All the way from talking to people to talking about people, you’ll choose your words carefully and think about the consequences of your action.

It already has a very high rating.
The series is already leading the charts with a rating of 8.8/10 on IMDB, 85% from Rotten Tomatoes and 76% on Metacritic. Let’s also not forget that the one and only Selena Gomez is producing the show!

You’ll always have more when you’re done with the series.
Whether you binge watch the series all in one go or experience everything slowly, you’ll definitely be left wanting for more and if that’s the case then you’ll still have the breathtaking novel by Jay Asher (PS. The book is definitely a bit different than the TV Series). Recent news also states that the series got renewed for Season 2.

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