10 New (Cool but Weird) Eyebrow Trends

In the quest for perfect eyebrows, we’ve tried a lot, including pencils, gels, powder, and beyond. This past year we have seen so many new trends popping up and here are some of the weirdest ones out there!

Feather Brows

This new eyebrow trend is taking the fashion world by storm. It was started by a Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen as a joke, little did she know that this would end up becoming one of 2017’s biggest fashion developments.


Coloured Eyebrows

The fashion world shifted from dying hair to underarm hair to eyebrows? This new trend is the go-to style for anyone wanting to look edgier. Besides, it sure does make an impression.

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Bleached Eyebrows

This eyebrow trend popularised by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, has become a favourite look for several designers and is known to have frequented several runway shows.

Rainbow Eyebrows

If dying your eyebrows one solid colour isn’t doing the trick for you, then try Instagram’s new favourite eyebrow trend- rainbow eyebrows. First rainbow hair, now rainbow eyebrows. What’s next? Rainbow eyelashes?

Under eyebrows

This look universalised by Gigi Hadid has quickly become several Instagram beauty guru’s favourite eyebrow trend. The look is fairly simple but makes a lasting impression.

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Eyebrow Accessories

If you are into eyebrow bling then this look is for you.  This edgy look has graced some major fashion runways quite a few times.

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Dragon Eyebrows

This look was created by Instagram makeup artist ‘harlibi’. It is fairly simple to achieve and very low maintenance. If you look having fun with your look, then this is a must-try.

Feral Frond Eyebrows

This intricate eyebrow look is slowly becoming popular among beauty gurus and makeup artists. If you want to go absolutely crazy with these trends then this look should be your first pick!

Glitter Eyebrows

Everything does look better with glitter! This look is fairly common among pop artists. If you want to try something bold, then this look is perfect for you. One thing’s for sure, this look will make everyone do a double take.

Brow Carving

Created by Austin based makeup artist Alexa Link, this eyebrow look has revolutionised eyebrow art. Makeup is longer confined to eyes, lips, etc. Want to make a statement? This look will do the trick.

Brushed Up Brows

If you admire these crazy new eyebrow trends but don’t want to go extreme, then try this look. All you have to do is dishevel your eyebrows using Vaseline and/or gel, and you are good to go!

Tiger Brows

If you feel like going crazy, try this trend. This look is a hybrid of the bleached brows trend. If you’re not feeling bold enough to try the bleached look, but want to cast an impression, try this look.


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Eyebrow Slits

This trend, popularised by singer Charlie Puth, had fans carving slits into their own brows. When his fans gone way too far with the trend, Charlie revealed on his twitter that his look was completely ‘au natural’, that is, he had been scratched by a dog when he was younger, which is why his eyebrow hair naturally grows in the way that it does. He did not shave his eyebrows. Nevertheless, the trend took on and has been getting a fair amount of attention on social media.

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