10 Amazing Cat Facts You Probably Didn’t Know!

Your four-legged fur baby is more complex than you has initially anticipated. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about your cat.


1. They Sweat Through Their Paws
Cats have comparatively few sweat glands due to their fur-covered bodies. Most of them are on the pads of their paws and this is why you’ll sometimes notice wet footprints during the months of summer.



2. They Know How To Deal With Their Hairballs On Their Own
As long as your feline pal is an outdoor cat, there’s no need for you to give them a fancy anti-hairball treat. Though cats lack the necessary enzyme to digest grass, they still eat them. Since the grass is not digested, they often vomit and this often clears out anything indigestible that might be hanging out in their digestive tract, including hairballs.



3. Cats Are Manipulative When They Need To Be
All of us know how cats behave when they’re hungry, they won’t beat around the bush. They will paw at you, rub on you or sometimes meow at the top of their lungs. This may appear to be something like a distress call but they practice this behavior to manipulate their owners to get what they want.



4. They Spend Almost Half Their Lives Cleaning Themselves
Adult cats spend more than 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves. They clean themselves for fur maintenance and warmth, licking themselves help distribute its natural oils evenly on its coat, this oil guards against dampness and heat. They also groom their humans by licking them; this is a sign of affection.



5. Cats Can Get Sick From Eating Chocolates
Cats don’t have a sweet tooth. They are carnivores by nature and do not have a taste for the sweet stuff. They cannot tolerate chocolate and consuming it can cause them to become ill.



6. Cats Don’t Always See Eye To Eye
Cats blink and narrow their eyes when they accidentally make eye contact. If you want to make friends with an unfamiliar cat, make sure to blink and look away when you catch his eye.



7. Cats Communicate Via Nose
Nose-to-nose greetings are unusual between cats as it puts them both in a vulnerable position. However, it is the first way they instigate contact with their mother. Cats do this to confirm visual recognition and gain information about how and where the cat has been.



8. You’re Not Allergic To Cats
Those who say they are allergic to cats, they aren’t allergic to cats themselves. People are actually allergic to cat dander, not their fur. Cats produce a hormone in their saliva that triggers allergies in humans and since cats “bathe” themselves with their saliva, it spreads all over the fur.



9. Cats Require Positive Reinforcement
Cats cannot understand punishment as humans do. To make them learn the lesson, praise and reward them for desired behavior instead.



10. Cats Clean Their Teeth With Meat
This is an interesting fact about cats. Give your cat a piece of meat everyday to chew on to keep their gums and teeth in good condition.


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